Each year I take a select number of consulting and coaching partners in social work higher education. If you are looking for ways to innovate, tap into efficiency, and increase impact in your social work program. I would love to speak with you. Just because it is how we’ve always done it, doesn’t mean it is how we have to continue to do it.

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Below are other presentations I have given:

2024 (Upcoming) BPD Conference: Innovation in Field Education

2023 Presenter at Texas NASW Conference: Ethical Integration of Spirituality in Practice

2022 (October) Presenter at North American Christian Social Workers Annual Conference

2019 Presenter at St. Margaret of Scotland Seeds of Justice: Human Trafficking Awareness Event

2018 Presenter at St. Louis Field Education Collaborative Session #1

2016 St. Louis Public Radio Interview
“Manners never go out of style: Why it’s still cool to care about etiquette”
Live interview on St. Louis on the Air radio show discussing the importance and relevance of
etiquette in current society.

2016 Speaker at Baccalaureate Program Directors National Conference
“Developing a Professional Self: How Etiquette Can Teach Social Work Competencies”

Spoke about the development of the etiquette curriculum within the social work department at
Fontbonne and how it is utilized to prepare students for Field Education Practicum Sites,
graduate school and working in the field of social work.

2016 Speaker at National Association of Social Workers Missouri Chapter Conference
“Etiquette and Social Work”
Spoke to other social workers about why etiquette is a vital piece of social work practice and how
to implement it in the daily interactions with clients

2015 Speaker at SLIAC Symposium: From Playing the Field to Professional World
“Meeting and Meal Etiquette”
Spoke to student athletes about professional etiquette and meal etiquette, followed by lunch with
attendees to demonstrate meal etiquette.

2015 St. Louis Public Radio Interview
“Veterans court provides help for post-service problems”
Interviewed for story about Veterans’ Treatment Court and how Fontbonne students are playing a
vital role in its success.

2008 Speaker at National CASA Association National Conference
Spoke about developing and cultivating donor relations, soliciting grants from local foundations
and corporations and diversifying an organization’s funding base.

2007 Speaker at Bread For the World’s National Conference
Spoke at break-out session about experiences with urban farming and how low-income
communities can come together to combat hunger