A New Perspective on Anxiety

Anxiety is certainly one of the most common reasons people begin to see a counselor.  Often times when I first start talking with people about their anxiety, their number one goal is to make it go away.  I understand where they are coming from.  Anxiety is an incredibly uncomfortable and debilitating issue to deal with.  What might surprise you though, is that anxiety is not all bad. 

I often tell people, “If you are skydiving, I want you to feel anxious.”  Anxiety is there for a reason.  Our brains should feel anxious in the appropriate situation.  It is a way of protecting us and keeping us safe in environments where potential danger exists.  Where things go wrong is when our brain loses the ability to determine what is a true threat versus a perceived one.  When this happens, anxiety is misplaced and begins to impact our lives in a negative way. 

Thinking about putting your anxiety back in its appropriate place, rather than numbing it or trying to make it go away completely is a new perspective that can begin the journey towards healing for you.

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