Change Your Mindset About Anxiety – help from a trauma therapist in Texas

Anxiety is normal and needed. It is part of the body’s “fight or flight” response, which is what protects you! Rather than trying to make your anxiety go away, try thinking of what it might be doing for you and how a trauma therapist can help you:

Mindset shifts for anxiety from a trauma therapist

How anxiety might try to help you:

Motivation: Anxiety can motivate you to prepare for challenges and perform at your best.

Problem Solving: Anxiety can sometimes lead to increased focus and concentration.

Social Awareness: Anxiety can also make us more sensitive to social cues and the emotions of others. This heightened awareness can facilitate better communication and empathy in social interactions.

Protection: Anxiety is trying to protect you from perceived threats or failures.

How a trauma therapist can help your anxiety:

Anxiety is trying to help you; however, it can cause issues with daily functioning, mental clarity, mindset, relationships, and more when it takes over. When you understand what anxiety is trying to do for you, you can begin to take an approach that finds a healthier way to meet the need anxiety is trying to fulfill.

Anxiety and trauma therapy openings are now available in-person or virtually in Texas. You can stop the intrusive thoughts of anxiety by seeing an anxiety and trauma therapist in Texas. If you live in Texas, book a free consultation call with Laura to see if she is the right anxiety and trauma therapist for you: Free consultation call.

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