What is Hypervigilance?

Hypervigilance is a telling sign you’ve experienced trauma. It can mean you are on edge, can’t relax, are more easily startled, have a never-ending feeling of needing to be safe, your eyes are ... READ the POST

Trauma and Intrusive Thoughts from the perspective of a therapist who treats childhood trauma and high-functioning anxiety

Trauma can produce negative thoughts about yourselves due to the profound psychological and emotional impact it has on your mind and self-perception. When you experience traumatic events, such as ... READ the POST

Imposter Syndrome

By now you've probably heard the term imposter syndrome before. We often associate this term with people's inability to achieve success or perform at the highest level they are capable of. Did you ... READ the POST

How to Support A Partner Who is Utilizing Trauma Therapy

Supporting a partner who is processing trauma is like traveling an unmarked road with no map. It can feel lonely, isolating, and scary. Often times no one else has your perspective or experience as a ... READ the POST