How to Support A Partner Who is Utilizing Trauma Therapy

Supporting a partner who is processing trauma is like traveling an unmarked road with no map. It can feel lonely, isolating, and scary. Often times no one else has your perspective or experience as a partner of someone going through trauma therapy. Even though you may feel helpless, there are things you can do to help.

How to Support A Partner Who is Utilizing Trauma Therapy

These three things can help a partner in trauma therapy:

1. Understand that trauma healing isn’t linear. In fact, most often it feels worse before it feels better. There may be days or even weeks that seem to have a positive trajectory, and there may be days mixed in there that are really hard. Just remember the big picture or where you and your partner are headed in the process of working through the trauma.

2. Hold space for your emotions and your partner’s. You will have lots of emotions as you walk this path, and so will your partner. Remember there is space for both of you to feel different emotions or similar emotions at the same time.

3. Be present. Processing trauma can be lonely and wrought with shame. Your partner may be overwhelmed, but a simple presence can be like a balm to the soul for those walking this path. You don’t have to fix it; in fact, you can’t. Being okay with that can bring you closer to one another.

Hope for the Future

If you or a loved one has experienced trauma, know that therapy can help. There are many different therapeutic interventions to help process trauma and live a life without triggers, intrusive thoughts, or other negative effects of the trauma.

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