Imposter Syndrome

By now you’ve probably heard the term imposter syndrome before. We often associate this term with people’s inability to achieve success or perform at the highest level they are capable of. Did you know, though, that many people who experience imposter syndrome are actually highly successful?

Difficulty Enjoying Success

Those who are battling imposter syndrome struggle with enjoying their achievements. They don’t feel like they deserve the achievements they have. Rather than see all the things they did right, they see all the things that they messed up or could have done better. Their success is explained by other’s contributions or luck.

Self-Doubt and Self Sabotage

Even though they are highly capable, the loud inner critic that comes with imposter syndrome convinces them that they will fail, or they don’t belong in the elite circles they find themselves in. These doubts can often cause them to make decisions or have behaviors that sabotage their efforts.

How to Enjoy Success and Fight Imposter Syndrom

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