Paint Paralysis

Earlier in our marriage, Matt and I gut-rehabbed a home.  If you live in a city old enough to have homes that predate 1900, you can probably appreciate all the twists and turns that this project ... READ the POST

Tips for Finding a Therapist

As someone who is in the mental health field and someone who engages in therapy myself,  I believe that anyone can benefit from talking to someone else about life’s challenges or digging deeper ... READ the POST

How to Plan a Mental Health Day

I have a hundred or more excuses to never take a day to myself.  Even when I feel the most drained, frustrated with circumstances, or unsteady about events in the world, I can always think of a ... READ the POST

Encouragement for the Middle

Last week, I shared why the middle of the story is one of the most important and valuable parts of our journey towards a goal.  It is well established that the world projects to us a shiny ... READ the POST