Follow The Light

My toddler comes shuffling in my room on Monday morning.  One eye is still closed, the other barely peeking open, as if she’s unsure she wants to meet the day ahead of her.  I’m in my bed, ... READ the POST

Transformed Minds as a Way of Self Care

Last year was the first year we homeschooled our kids. It was a new season of life for us where we felt strongly that logistically in a COVID world and for our own benefit of family relationships, ... READ the POST

Battlefield of Gratitude

It’s that week that comes every year.  The one where suddenly we are supposed to make our lives come to a screeching halt, take on the stress of making an insanely large meal, gather together, ... READ the POST

Renewal That Lasts

As I have wrestled with the ideas of caring for myself as a mother and struggling with the demands that exist on me from day to day, one word continues to pop up in my mind as a deep desire of my ... READ the POST