Battlefield of Gratitude

It’s that week that comes every year.  The one where suddenly we are supposed to make our lives come to a screeching halt, take on the stress of making an insanely large meal, gather together, ... READ the POST

Renewal That Lasts

As I have wrestled with the ideas of caring for myself as a mother and struggling with the demands that exist on me from day to day, one word continues to pop up in my mind as a deep desire of my ... READ the POST

The Art of Reinvention

Do you ever feel like you have to constantly evolve and reinvent yourself as a mom?  And sometimes you are straddling two very different worlds depending on your children’s stages or your own ... READ the POST

Minivans Change Lives

When we found out I was pregnant with our third child my first response was complete shock and trepidation.  The second visceral response I had was the part of me that died inside knowing I’d ... READ the POST